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STA490Y L0201

 STA490Y L0201 – 2019-20

EDA one-on-one chats
Monday September 30, 2019
• Come prepared to answer questions about what you discovered during your Exploratory Data 
Analysis. Do not prepare a formal presentation. This will be a conversation with your TA.
• Topics covered by your TA’s questions may include:
o The overall goals of the analysis,
o Features of the data that your observed, in relation to the research question,
o Potential issues in the data that you identified that may affect your future analyses.
Note that, due to time restrictions, not every student will have time to address all of these 
• To aid the discussion, bring the Exploratory Analysis that you submitted in a html or pdf file, knit 
from your R Markdown document. You can bring either a hardcopy or a file on your computer. 
Your will refer to it when answering questions from your TA.
• Note your randomly determined time in the table below. You will have only 9 minutes for your 
discussion with your TA. Your TA will set a timer and you must end when the timer goes off. 
Your TA will have only 2 minutes between each student to take some notes. Time will be 
extremely tight so you cannot be late. We strongly recommend that you arrive at least 10 
minutes early, and wait in the hallway to be called in by your TA. Give yourself extra time to 
find the room. If you are late, your work may not be able to be evaluated.
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