Bio99 Practice Exam #4 1. & Genetic Code A. What Amino Acid(S) Do The Following Codons Code For?I. 3’ CAU 5’Ii. 5’ CAA 3’B. What Codon(S) Encode For The Following Amino Acids? Include Directionality.I. Aspii. Cysc. A Trna Has The Anticodon 5’ IGA 3’. (1) What Codon(S) Can It Bind To? & Include D
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Bio99 Practice Quiz #3You Are Studying The Drosophila& Tral Gene, Whose Protein Product Is Involved In Mrna Localization. & You Want To Examine The Regulation Of Tral Expression In Flies.1.& & To Facilitate Your Study, You Create A GFP Tagged Version Of Tral. & Which One Of The Following I
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