ELEC207 Coursework:& Design Of A Stable& Martian Segway& (“& Experiment 81”)1& February 2022Moduleelec207coursework& Nameexperiment 81Component Weight25%& = 3.75& Creditssemester2he& Level5lab& Locationthird Floor& EEE& Buildingworkindividuallytimetabled Timecheck Canvas Anno
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ELEC207 Coursework (V6: 1 February 2022)Page 1ELEC207 Coursework: Design Of A Stable Martian Segway (“Experiment 81”)Prof Simon Maskell 1 February 2022Module Elec207coursework Name Experiment 81Component Weight 25% = 3.75 Creditssemester 2HE Level 5Lab Location Third Floor EEE Buildingwork Individua
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Experiment 81 – ELEC207 Coursework Design Of A Stable Martian Segway Report Template 1. Mathematical Modelling A) Please Define The Values For L, M And Ts That You Will Use For Your Coursework. [1E] B) Now Derive The Transfer Function, H(S)=Θ(S)/T(S), Of The Segway In Terms Of L, M And G. [1E] C) Us
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